The Story of 2 Singaporean Kids

Recently, i get know of 2 Singaporean kids, Mr E and Miss J. Mr E. is ~22 years old while Miss J. is ~16 years old. Mr E and Miss J are a couple, that moving out from their own family and both rented a room and stayed together. These two kids story really make me "sweat" with the education at SIngapore, especially home education.

The time when Mr E and Miss J rented the room, they are on very tight budget, therefore they request the landlord to accept the half month deposit first while another half will be then paid after 2 wks. The landlord feel pity with them and then agreed to let them delayed the deposit payment. During chit chat, Mr E declared that he is a sales agent and Miss J declared that she is a office girl. But in few days time, the landlord started to realize that they actually are jobless. Even when the landlord ask them to tell the truth but they still insists that they are working. After 1 month, they still every day stay at home- jobless. Besides lying about jobless, they even burn the water kettle, but they did not admit their mistake until they landlord question them. When the landlord catch them second time cooking in the room, they gives a lot of liar that they actually did not cook, only when the landlord found the cooking utensils out, they only admit that they are cooking. But with no guilty or feel shameful.

These two kids attitude is really make me quite shock. The most serious problem that I saw from them is they keep on telling lies. This attitude only make people not trusted to them. Is this their problem or is the way their parents edu them!? The second problem that I saw from this story is hat how come their parents can allowed them to move out from the house when they both are jobless and one of them is actually under age. I really feel scary with this kind of edu result, no matter what parents really play a very important role when come to children education. Don't push this responsibilty to the teachers or children. Children also need to think more mature and also don't ever forget how hard the parents raising them up. Effort that parents spend towards the children normally are unneglectable. Children, do listen to what yor parents teach you, although sometime you might have conflict in term of mindset, but do stay calm and think from parents perspetive. Parents, do patient and listen to the reason why your children think so. Explain to them slowly and with patient, as they are still young and they need guidance. Else when the kids turn to be like above two mentioned kids, not only you will feel the pain, the kids future will be spoilt as well.


2009 Christmas Wedding

After 2 years of ROM, finally we decided to have our customary wedding on a special day - Christmas Day. This date is choosen by my father, but i like this date also. I wish to have a special wedding, not necessary a grand one. Due to this reason, a lots of things are prepared by ourselves.

Let's us show you the wedding invitation card. It is self designed by my hubby. We even self printed the invitation cards and distributed to our friends.

Next, is the table number and the door gift. In conjuction with Christmas Day, we designed the table number card as a Christmas tree shape. For door gift wise, we finally choose to buy the cute paper clips, instead of following others people idea such as cakes or chocolates.

Next is the wedding guest book, we decided to self made one-page wedding guest book. For the pens, we shop around and finally found these 2 fury pens.

Room deco wise, besides the normal wedding deco, we added in the Christmas theme deco as well. ;)

We choose to have a pair of bears to be used for our car deco. Cute?

Normally, bride's gown will be a long one, but mine one is choosen to be a short one. Same with the gown for the wedding dinner. My hubby one, also choose to be a casual one. ;)

For the wedding flow, due to the reason that we hope to have a special wedding dinner, we choose to greet the guest with a love song "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" when we entering the restaurant.

Wedding cake wise, instead of normal wedding cake, we choose to have the Christmas Theme cake. Kids are so interested with the cake deco and the Santa Clause is being "stolen away" right after we finished the ceremony.

Thruthly said, wedding style is not important. Now the wedding ceremony end, but the journey of my hubby and I is just get started. Hopes in the future, we will still happily ever after.


Wrap Up for 2009

I feel really unbelievable, today is the last day of the year. A numerous of incidents happened during this year. Let's me review together with you all incidents by incidents:-

Early of 2009, my hubby fulfilled 1 of my dream, which is travel to Europe for 2 weeks time. During these 2 weeks, we visited France, Switzerland and Italy. The most memorable places that we visited is the snow mountains at Switzerland. ;) Believe my hubby also feel the same. ;)By the end of the trip, we decided to back to Europe again after 10 years. ;) My new target is to view the Northen Light. :)

2nd shocking decision that we make right after CNY is to buy house. Noticing that the economic is turning better, we both decided to buy our own house instead of renting the house. And Yes, we successfully buy a cheaper house, right before the housing price shooting up. Thanks God!

The next news is a bad one, father suddenly having heart attack. That moment is the worse moment that I have in this year, father falled in sick but I was not around him. Feel so sad... Mum is so tiring cause she is alone there to take care of my father. I am sorry, mum and dad. I really hope that I will besides you both. I hereby want to wish my father healthier and and wish my mum happier. I also wish that we all can stay together again soon. I missed you..

Wedding day is the next big moment for the family. We decided to get married during Christmas Day!! After 2 years of registration, we finally complete the our wedding event. My parents both are very happy... For the wedding preparation, thanks a lots to mother in law and father in law, as they helped out a lot of things. On actual wedding day, thanks to all brothers and "da sao" for helping out. Now, we still have few things to follow up. Hahaha.. Such as the wedding video and wedding album. ;) Wish our marriage will be forever love and happily ever after.

The next one is regarding my hubby's career. Noticing that my hubby's career is getting better and better, feel quite happy with him. New responsibles that assigned to him by his manager really shows that they appreciate his talents and knowledege. Not sure why, I always feel confident with him regarding his career path. :) I know that he is working hard and I strongly believe that one day he will be success in his career... Maybe you will not believe.. Want to have a bet? Hereby, I wish my hubby success in his career soon and reach his goal soon.

My career path is not as smooth as my hubby, but I think I still can handle it. Device's issues surrounding me just like a snow ball, rolled more and more and grow bigger and bigger, and I am getting pressure and pressure. Although tired and tension, but still manageable. But really hopes that I can have a happy working life. So hereby, wish my own career will have a brighter day in coming year.

After 3 more hours will be end of 2009, I hereby would like to make wish for coming 2010, wish my parents and parents in law stay healthy and happy, wish my hubby stay healthy and successful, wish myself happy forever. :)


1st Own House in My Life

Neverever thought that my first own house will be at oversea. YES! We both successfully bought an house at Singapore. Counting back, already move in the new house for 26days. ;) A lot of preparations of works have to do, before we move in the new house, tiredness is surronding us during that period of time. But now when seeing the condition of the house, feel very happy and warm. Ever since after coming down to Singapore to work, the only time i feel relax and not stressful is when i back to Malaysia. But now, with own home, i really feel very relax after reach back home. :) I really like the house so much. Once i step into this house, i know it is my dream house that i am looking for. Really a home feeling that this house can give it to me. ;)

The main color for the living room together with dining room is blue color - you can see blue sofa, blue carpet, blue chairs and blue floor mat.

For master bed room, the main color is white and square. Purposely purchase all white furnitures in the room. Bedsheets and curtains is with square image on tops. :)

For both common rooms, contradict with master bedroom, the main color is dark brown. Which is more common to most of the people.

Kitchen wise, the main color is red color. ;) Do you think that my house is colorful enough?!

Truthly said, it is not easy to own up this house, due to the limited CPF amount that we have. So, although some people thought that the location of the house is not at central, but i still appreaciate the successful of own up a house. This is the result of the hard effort for between my hubby and I. :) Thanks to god to let me have a hubby that can work hard together with me to archieve what we are aiming/targeting. Thanks!


A year that i fall in sick for so many times...

Believe it or not, never ever told someone when you never fall in sick for last 2 years... Once after i told someone that i did not get sick since past 2 years, this year, i sick for a quite a numerous of times... fever..flu..sore throat..cough.. all kinds of sickness that i get start from this year till now.. haih.. these few days.. i having blocking nose.. sad..

Default planning to go to charity walk this Saturday morning, but not sure whether still can make it or not..

Hopefully this time can recover fast... "Sick sick go away..never come again.."


2.5Hrs Hort Park to West Coast Park Walk

Our journey of today is start from Hort Park as well. But is to opposite direction of Mount Faber. This round we went to the direction of West Coast Park. :)

When we reach Hort Park, then only we realized that Garden Tech 2009 is organized at Hort Park, in this events, having different booths selling potted plants.... and also exhibit the top 3 winners of garden decoration. Surprisingly, the first prize of the garden decoration is won by my hubby company. :)

On the way to West Coast Park, we went thru Kent Ridge Park. In the park, we walked half way for the canopy walk. But due to destination for the canopy walk is to another destination, therefore, we walk half way only.

This trip is a bit different compared with previous others trips. After went thru Kent Ridge Park, we went thru Science Park. Science Park is actually industrial area. :) Hahahaa.. We passed thru several companies such as AMKOR....

After Science Park, we walk along the main road of NUS. :) My hubby commented that this journey seems like a travel trip rather than like a exercise trip. Hahaha... At the end of the NUS road, we thought that we get lost, Seeing a ladder in front of us, we climbed down and suprisely we are at NUS campus. Hahahaa.. trespassing the uni campus. :)

Finding our way again to West Coast Park after out of the NUS campus. When we finally reach West Coast Highway, we unable find any path or bridge to cross over to reach the Park. Due to tiredness, we decided to go back to Hort Park by bus. :)


What Should Be The Decision

Still back to the topic about my dad, default already scheduled for him to go thru bypass surgery on Monday. My father having 2 blood vessels that being narrowed/blocked. 1 is almost fully blocked, this vessel already being put on balloons in past 6 years, but now the vessel blocked again. While another vessel is blocked by 50%.

Bypassed surgery is scheduled on Monday to save both vessels, however, during Friday, my father having heart attack. This time of of heart attack mainly caused by the 2nd blocked vessel, and he can considered lucky, cause during his heart attack, he is still admit in the hospital, within an hour, doctor used Angioplasty method to save him. This method is used balloons to widened the narrowed blood vessel. However, this method no longer can be used for the 1st blocked vessel. But during Friday, he unable go thru immediate bypass surgery due to the surgeon is on operation during that time.

After go thru Angioplasty, my father become weakened. No more bypassed surgery can be done in short term, although the surgeon said can be start to do the surgeon after 10 days time. But the heart specialist not recommend for it. He ask my father to rest for 1 month and see. After he went thru Angioplasty, he went thru twice dialysis. 1st dialysis is a slow one and 2nd dialysis is the normal speed one. But during both dialysis, my father feel breathless, and need oxygen to support him. Due to this reason, we requested hospital to temporarily allowed him having dialysis at hospital. Today would be his 3rd time having dialysis, luckily with slower speed, he feel better, and no breathless. Now he already discharged from hospital, rest well dad... :)

But now, come to the question for his first blocked vessel. After discharged from hospital, my father said he feel not confident to go thru this bypassed surgery. I understand what he is thinking. Bypassed surgery is higher risk and need longer time to recover. I also don't know whether want him to go thru this surgery or not. Should we let him go thru this surgery? Or let him take the medicine for control? Which one is the right decision to make? At this moment, i hope that Doreamon is besides me, to help me to make the decision.